Why Is Keyboarding Essential For Elementary Students?

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Most students know how to touch type, but how well do they really do it? With proper touch typing lessons that are well-structured and focused on touch typing ergonomics, techniques, and accuracy building, an elementary student can reap a plethora of benefits from learning to keyboard.

Better academic performance

Students as early as the 3rd grade are required to take final exams and midterms on a school computer. Touch typing mastery is essential, because without it a student could risk underperforming on an exam that asks them to type a 200-word answer in under 10 minutes.

When a student knows how to touch type efficiently, they can channel their mental energies and focus on finding and structuring the right answer in their head, instead of thinking about where the right keys are on the keyboard. What’s more, they’ll save time, and avoid being frustrated by making typo after typo when typing out the answer.

Apart from helping students do well in computer based examinations, touch typing also helps students easily prepare homework assignments including research projects, collaborative presentations, and more. Touch typing saves them time in both preparing and presenting information, and lets them easily put the final project together.

Confidence boost

A student with good typing skills feels more confident when working on a school computer, or for that matter on any other keyboard based device. It gives them the ease and confidence that they are a skilled, competent tech user that doesn’t feel intimidated by any keyboard-based task.

Touch typing quickly and accurately means the student doesn’t waste time with an ineffective hunt and peck typing technique, but gets ahead with any assignment or computer activity given to her.

Improved future prospects

Touch typing is a skill any school and college graduate is expected to have in this day and age. Given the competitiveness of the job market at the moment, it is apparent that those with essential, highly-sought-after skills like touch typing are the ones that stand out.

A job candidate with great typing skills is far more appealing than one who doesn’t know how to touch type properly and efficiently. A competent typist types quickly and accurately and is therefore a more productive, valuable asset for a company.

A basic skill essential for the development of other skills

Touch typing is a basic skill people can leverage in their pursuit of other skills. A student who knows how to touch type can learn other computer skills much faster and with less effort. Similarly, a competent touch typist will find it easier to improve upon any other skill that requires the use of a keyboard based device, such as learning a new language or becoming a programmer.

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