Why You Should Learn To Touch Type

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Touch typing is an essential tech skill. The great news is that you can quickly and easily learn to touch type, if you have the right tools. Reaping the benefits of touch typing is only a step away.

Boost your productivity at work

Touch typing can literally save you dozens of hours every month. When you can touch type accurately and with above-average speed, you end up doing more in less time.

This is especially important if you’re a student or a professional whose daily work life revolves around some sort of data or content input. Any person in a field that involves a computer keyboard can get a boost in productivity by learning how to touch type.

Boost your career prospects

A recent survey by Change for Education revealed something astonishing. Digital natives and millennials, despite their obsession with social media and technology, are in fact lacking basic tech skills.

The research showed that people lack basic tech skills such as solving multi-step problems using technology. This is a huge surprise; one would expect millennials and digital natives who were practically born with smartphones in hand to have at least a certain level of tech-related competency.

58 percent of millennials are having trouble solving problems using technology, the study confirms, even basic tasks such as sorting email invitations.

Where am I going with this?

While the facts may be negative, these findings also have a positive slant, and suggest that despite the competition, you can stay ahead of fellow job-hunters by mastering simple tech skills like touch typing and get a head start in your career.

Increase your career advancement potential

Touch typing is not just about getting you a good entry level job, it also helps you advance into higher positions much faster.

Overall, touch typing positively impacts many aspects of your work, because you save time and are able to create reports and other content professionally and correctly. You’ll impress people with your hyper-productive work style when you touch type simply because you have outstanding keyboarding speed!

Enhance your self-esteem

Technology is scary sometimes. It advances so quickly and it has become so intensely part of our lives, and yet it is still a struggle to learn to use.

Being able to touch type improves your self-esteem and makes you gain a sense of control over the tech paraphernalia that surrounds our social and professional lives.

Build your professionalism

Touch typing improves your professionalism. Touch typing is one hard skill under this umbrella term, and it’s one that you can apply in a number of situations.

Touch typing makes you productive and helps you seem dynamic as a person, two rather flattering characteristics that make you stand out among dozens of job hunters and even colleagues.

Where do I start?

Touch typing today is as essential as learning to read and do basic math.

Learning to touch type is easy. You can get an all-around practice routine just by using a single resource like Typesy™.

Gone are the days when you have to go through several resources to get a complete education in typing. Today, you can improve your typing speed and accuracy through customized lessons and interactive activities as well as through typing games that make practice feel fun and less hard work.

Start practicing today. Improve your touch typing efficiency and enjoy the benefits of more free time, increased productivity, higher self-esteem, and improved career prospects.

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