Multi-task and Multiply Your Typing Times

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There’s a lot you can do in the course of your daily routine to keep practicing your touch typing skills, and the tips and techniques you learn from courses like Typesy – and of course this typing blog!

You can practice typing without looking at the keyboard by first selecting any document at hand, whether that’s a newspaper, a printout of a report, an e-mail from a friend you have up on the screen in a separate window, or even the inspirational quote on your desk calendar. Next, call up a word processing blank document (remember to turn “auto-correct” off for this exercise!) and just start typing. If you’ve got a clock with a second hand in view, you can try to time yourself, but accuracy is more important as a goal when you’re doing this sort of practice. That’s why you should have the “auto-correct” feature off, so that your word processing program doesn’t correct your mistakes. It might be depressing at first, but you need to see your mistakes so that you know what aspects of typing you need to focus on and improve.

Once your accuracy is good, you’ll be ready to start practicing your typing during day-to-day tasks. When you type emails, social media posts, or documents, do your best to use the correct fingers and NOT look at the keyboard. Before you know it you’ll be an expert typist, and your typing speed will only continue to increase.

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