7 of the Funniest Typos We’ve Ever Seen

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Just My Typo: SOTP typo

Good typing skills are the key that will help you unlock the doors leading to future career opportunities – but not if you don’t proofread your CV, resume, and cover letter before you put them in the mail or hit the [Enter] key to send them on line. While it’s amusing to look at examples of other peoples’ mistakes, it’s not so funny when it happens to you. For example, if you want to highlight your accurate touch-typing skills then make sure you don’t boast about being a “rabid typist.” And don’t count on your computer spell-check function to save you from similarly-spelled words that have completely different meanings, or you’ll find that you’ve infected your job application with a potentially fatal disease.

It seems like typos should be obvious to find and fix, but even when they’re hard to miss they’re still often not found and corrected. Not every mistake will lead to a huge problem, but you can stop small issues from becoming bigger ones by carefully checking your work before you call it a day.

Don’t leave the editing duties to someone else, either! Even if you’re a CEO or running for office, take the time you need to look over what’s going to be published under your name, because you’re selling yourself in business and politics, and your mistakes in advertising won’t get you much in the way of supporters or clients. And even when you’ve made it to the top, make sure that everyone from the bottom up knows that it’s important to double check what gets shared on your social media channels!

It’s not just business owners that can lose out. Students have to be careful to check their papers and read over their exams before turning them in. If you’re a student, don’t rely on your computer to correct your mistakes, even if it’s 3am and you’re finishing typing your paper with one eye on the clock. If you’re not careful, you could join the group of students who get marked down for typos that a quick review would have caught.

We hope you’ve gotten a good laugh from the typos featured in this post – and we hope that you’re inspired to improve your typing accuracy to avoid having your own typos featured somewhere in the future!

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