Multimedia and Making Things Fun: The Typesy Advantage

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We all know that all work and no play would make learning feel like a chore. The people that designed Typesy know this, too which is why they’ve included multiple fun typing games. You’ll enjoy playing these games, and while you play, you’ll be working towards the goals you’ve set for improving speed and accuracy. The games train your eyes, your fingers, and your brain to quickly recognize and accurately type a series of words, letters, symbols, and numbers. Unlike standard typing tests, these games allow you to have fun while you’re working on your typing skills. We’ll bet you won’t even realize how much time you’re spending playing these games! But it’s not a waste of time, like some games: each typing game hones your touch typing skills effectively and easily. You’ll find that even children enjoy learning how to touch type when these fun games are part of the program!

Speaking of learning, Typesy is the only touch typing skill builder that includes Wiki Connect Technology. This proprietary technology lets you practice typing with any article on Wikipedia, or any other wiki site. It’s a great way to improve your typing while discovering amazing facts. Compared to other typing courses that use canned texts that you soon get bored with, you’ll always be able to use new material to enhance your typing capabilities.

As a matter of fact, Typesy’s Advanced Text Management feature lets you import text or exercises from a variety of sources. That means you can make your own typing exercises and then import them into Typesy. The import process is quick and easy and offers another creative way for you to challenge yourself.

Typesy even offers a module that lets you practice typing to dictation, which is a valuable skill to learn for many jobs, especially high-paying ones like medical or legal transcription.

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