Blogging and Typing – Alden Tan Shares His Writing “Schedule” to Typesy Readers

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Alden Tan

INTRODUCTION: When you’ve been wandering around aimlessly, wishing that your life would change in some way that you haven’t quite figured out, not sure where to start, where to stop, where to go, what to do … it might just be time for that proverbial slap upside the head to get you focused on what’s real and what’s important. For some people, that happens when tragedy strikes. Storyteller and author Alden Tan shares his experience, in hopes that it will help other people get the perspective they need to move forward.

Typesy: You’ve been blogging on your website for about four years, but you’ve also found time to write several books. How do you manage to keep to your writing schedule? Do you even have a set schedule?

Honestly, the way I’ve been writing has been very erratic. Sometimes I write like a machine everyday. Other times, I slack off and write only when I’m inspired.

I wouldn’t say either way is better than the other. They both have their own benefits. But personally for me today, I think pushing yourself to write outside of your comfort zone is your best schedule.

Typesy: Your internet presence and style match a younger demographic, the teens and young adults who have grown up with smartphones and texting who might not have ever learned to type with all ten fingers. Naturally, here at Typesy we’re pretty big on learning proper touch typing techniques! What’s your opinion on the importance of good keyboarding skills when you’re a blogger and author?

Oh super important. Otherwise, how do you write for real?

If you want to write, sit down and write. Not lay down on your ass or stand around tapping away on your phone.

Typesy: In one of your blog posts, you point out that potential and talent mean nothing without hard work and effort. What’s one thing you’ve put the most effort into learning, doing, or creating lately?

Just doing the work. Ryan Holiday taught me this: The work IS the goal.

What you do daily is the only goal you have to achieve. You have to put in the work. Do it everyday and eventually you’d have created something huge. It will come then.

In effect, this is to ensure you don’t get disillusioned with the big picture. If you write and hope everyday that one day you’ll be discovered somehow or go viral or whatever, you’re just going to feel beaten down.

Hope is never a strategy.

Typesy: In your books and articles, you talk a lot about getting rid of anger and learning how to be happy. Why is that so important? Doesn’t anger provide fuel and energy that can be motivating to someone?

Anger has always been tricky to me, so much so I’d admit I’ve issues with it.

In short, don’t let anger eat you up inside. You’d become somebody else entirely and you’d do things you don’t mean to.

But yeah, anger can be the fuel to make big changes in your life.

That’s the trick though. It’s balancing using it as motivation and making sure you don’t feel hot and shitty all the time.

I personally don’t think there’re good enough, open resources to help guys with anger out there, so that’s why I feel strongly about it.

Typesy: What’s your next big project?

I’m launching a 30-day course on happiness, in my honest and real style soon! Stay up!

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