As Technology Enters The Classroom, Typing Skills Gain Importance

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It seems like most children have a cell phone or smartphone these days, and many have tablets and internet-connected readers that they carry with them even to school. Schools often have rules about using these devices in class, and teachers sometimes even take cell phones away if the students are texting each other instead of paying attention in class. In some classrooms, however, the teachers are integrating these devices into their instruction, and the “Bring Your Own Device” rule is gaining popularity in several regions.

This trend towards incorporating technology into classroom instruction means that instead of watching someone else, students will be taking an active role in writing, researching, and playing games related to a topic. Since most of the devices used have keyboard interfaces, this means that in order to keep up with the rest of the class, students are going to have to know how to type. Good typing skills will be necessary for everyday class activities, and not just for typing up papers and assignments at home.

The Common Core Standards now being implemented in most school districts across the United States recognize the importance of modern technology and the skills needed to use it effectively. These standards require students to learn how to type, and to be able to type well by the 5th grade (age 10-12). Learning these skills early will make it easier for students to stay productive and efficient throughout the rest of their time in school, and especially if they decide to go on to get an advanced degree.

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