Choosing the Right Age-Appropriate Typing Curriculum for Your Students

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Choosing the right age-appropriate typing curriculum for your students can be tough. There are several things to consider, and in many cases, you will be deciding on a program for many children simultaneously. Programs like Typesy can be great for groups and individuals because they meet all the requirements for any age group. But what is it you are looking for, exactly? 

Level of difficulty

When choosing a curriculum you need to keep the children’s age in mind. Are you trying to teach a group of eight-year-olds or middle schoolers? These two age groups need entirely different things from a typing curriculum. The eight-year-olds will need simpler tasks that are made more fun. The activities need to be broken up into smaller bites. 

Meanwhile, middle schoolers can spend longer stretches at their computers, and they need a more repetitive and advanced curriculum compared to their younger counterparts. Choose the program that caters to the age group you are working with. You can also choose a program that caters to any age group, like Typesy for example.


Ads can often be an issue on many free typing websites. You may find an awesome site with no fees and fun games, but the next thing you know the kids are seeing inappropriate video ads and clickbait. This can bring viruses to computers, and even to the whole network, the computers are running on. 

Ads can expose children to things they should not see. It is always best to choose a curriculum that is ad-free and safe for the children. 

Teaching method

Some children learn best with repetitive drills. Others learn best with games and entertainment. There are some programs that use one method or the other, but it is best to find one that includes both. Get to know the children you will be teaching and decide what works best for them. No two children are alike, so if you are teaching in groups you will need a program that can handle multiple methods.

The focus of the curriculum

The last thing to remember is to decide what you want the focus of the curriculum to be, and stick to it. Do you want to teach the students key placement and proper posture and hand placement? Are your students more advanced, and now focused on speed and accuracy? These things matter. Some programs, like Typesy, can offer a wide range of options. Others tend to stick to one focus at a time.


Choosing the right age-appropriate typing curriculum for your students can be challenging. You want to ensure you are providing the best education that you can while ensuring every student gets what they need from the program. No two kids are alike, which is why programs like Typesy are the best option. The wider the scope of the program, the more students it will work for. 

Focus on the child’s age and skill level, and you will be sure to find the right curriculum for your students.

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