Typesy December 14, 2021 Update

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Typesy is an active project. We have a large team of engineers, teachers, curriculum experts, psychologists, and user interface designers constantly working to improve the product. Here are the latest updates:

New Premium Courses

Typesy VIP, Homeschool, and School subscribers will access these courses at no additional cost.
Course #69 – Email Communication: 10 Principles to Write Better Emails
Learn one of the most critical skills for a successful career – effective email communication
According to LinkedIn and Harvard Business Review, effective communication is critical during the interview process and throughout a career if it is to be successful.
Most people lack effective communication skills, and their emails are long, unstructured, and cluttered with multiple messages. It is impossible to avoid email. The average office worker will receive over 100 emails per day and spend more than 10 hours a week reading and writing emails.
Email has become a standard of business communication. This means you will write thousands of emails throughout your career! After attending this course, you will write strong, succinct emails and be an effective communicator.
Course #70: Proofreading Business Writing – Business Proofreading Exercises
Proofreading is necessary. Errors in your writing are a barrier a reader must climb to discover your meaning. Avoid confusion and learn the best proofreading techniques to help you eliminate errors in your professional writing.

New Typesy Features

Login Clarification
Added a more descriptive error when logging in with Google, Microsoft, or Apple when an existing user of a different type uses the same email address.
This feature applies to all versions.
Typing Activity Update – Manage Long Texts
Long texts will be split into pages and will load 1 at a time during a typing activity. A popup will notify the user when they have reached the end of a page and a new page is about to load.
This feature applies to all versions.
Invite Users
Added ability to send an invite to an email address rather than requiring the creation of a user. The recipient can now create their own user login with an existing user to link to their current purchase.
This feature applies to Typesy VIP.
Minor Voice Control Update
Added options to control the speed of the voiceover feature.
This feature applies to all versions.

New Typesy Admin Features

Class Grading Report
Added a new Class Report that will allow teachers to grade students different performance metrics.
This feature applies to Typesy Homeschool and Typesy for Education.
View all test results in a tab on the student profile screen in the admin interface
Added a new tab in the student view to view all test results for a particular student.
This feature applies to Typesy Homeschool and Typesy for Education.
Minor UX Updates
  • Added ability to change avatar/profile picture for all account types
  • Submit ticket button in admin interface will link to the helpdesk
This feature is applicable to all versions.

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