Touch Typing Hacks You Should Know

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There is practically no way to avoid typing in today’s society. In fact, you almost certainly had to type something in order to read this! While smartphones and tablets often utilize a different keyboard style, most of us still have to work with a standard computer keyboard occasionally. 

Being comfortable with typing is the best way to turn a potentially frustrating task into a valuable skill. Strong typing skills make you more efficient in your work and give you access to a wider range of jobs and opportunities. Some positions actually require a certain typing proficiency and speed as part of their qualifications. 

If you are looking to improve your typing skills, or are just learning the touch-typing method, here are five typing tricks and hacks you should know. 

Unlearn Your Bad Habits!

If you have been hunting and pecking for keys for years now, you probably have to start your touch-typing journey by unlearning what you already know. For some, this is as easy as covering the keyboard when typing so you cannot look at the keys with your eyes. Still others go so far as to use an entirely different keyboard layout

Find a Tutor

There are many typing tools and programs available these days. You can find excellent ones online to use at home or at work, and you can also look offline for in-person classes or personal tutors. As with most skills, practice is the best way to improve your typing performance. And with the high-quality products that exist today, there’s no need to tackle this challenge alone. 

Utilize Shortcuts

Once you understand the basic mechanics, you can start to build shortcuts into your typing style. You can instruct your computer to auto-correct abbreviations of your choice (such as “bc” for because) and save a lot of time and focus. This is especially handy for taking notes in class or transcribing interviews. 

Sit up Straight

Something that most of us overlook is the importance of posture. If you have to do a lot of typing, an uncomfortable posture will greatly diminish your endurance and ease. When sitting and typing, make sure that you keep your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle. Having your arms bent downward can eventually cause wrist pain and discomfort. Keep your back straight to avoid putting pressure on your neck and low back. 

Find your Perfect Keyboard

While touch typing is certainly more comfortable than hunting and pecking, nothing beats a comfortable keyboard. Hands come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so it makes sense that a keyboard that works for one person might not work for another. If you find yourself having to stretch and strain to reach certain keys, trying looking for an ergonomic keyboard that better fits your hands. 


Whether you are an experienced typist or just beginning the journey, these tips and tricks should help you become more comfortable with a keyboard. Technology is becoming more and more important to our daily lives, and typing is no longer a luxury but an essential skill. Efficient typing increases accessibility and opens the door to opportunities such as online learning, remote telework and even telemedicine. And as technology continues to grow and improve, you should be sure to do the same!

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