EMOJIs, Touch Type Your Way To Create One. You Can’t Believe #13 –AMAZING! (PHOTOS)

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1) 21st Century: Couple’s Way Of Communicating

2) Message: “I Got You”

3) Emoji Maybe?

4) Guess This Song!

5) Story of Miley Cyrus’ Life

6) Do You Know This Disney Song?

7) Sing Your Heart Out With Emoji Lyrics

8) Few Emojis, But Worth It!

9) Can You Think of What It Is?

10) The Mermaid Song!

11) Frozen Mania!

12) Can’t Get Over Frozen

13) Full Lyrics Song Made With Emojis

14) Christmas Is Coming!

15) One Direction FEVER!

16) Lots and Lots of Emoji Songs!

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