Typesy February 2024 Update

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Typesy is an active, growing project. We have a team of engineers, teachers, curriculum experts, psychologists, and user interface designers committed to improving this product. Here are the latest updates:

New Typesy Features

Introducing Typesy Pets
This is a cool new feature that makes Typesy even more fun to use! It adds a playful touch to learning how to type, making it exciting and inspiring. This innovative feature combines the power of advanced typing lessons with the charm of adorable animal companions. With Typesy Pets, you can enhance your typing proficiency through engaging exercises, interactive games, and personalized challenges.
  • Pet Hatching – Hatch a pet after completing a course. Click the “Click to Hatch a Pet” button upon successful course completion. Note: One pet can be hatched per course.
  • Profile Screen Update and Equip Pets: View collected pets in the Profile screen. Go to Profile and select “My Pets” to see them. Pets are sorted by rarity, from Ultra Legendary to Common. Check the “Collector’s Guide” for all collectible pets.
  • Equip Pets: Enhance typing skills by equipping pets. Each pet has a corresponding points multiplier. Hover over a pet to see its info in the About section.
  • Settings: Typesy Pets are available only for education and homeschool users. Admins can disable pet collection in class settings. Individual settings for students also include this option.
  • Quiz Score Display: When finishing a course that includes questions, the quiz score will now be displayed on the course finish screen. It’s a great way to see how well you did and track your progress!
  • Hatch Pet Requirement: To hatch a pet, one must score at least 60% on the quiz. This ensures to have a solid understanding of the course material before welcoming a new companion. If the score is below 60%, keep practicing and improving to unlock the pet-hatching opportunity.
  • “View Pets” Button: A convenient “View Pets” button on the hatch pet screen was added. This button directly links to the pets tab on the profile screen. Easily access and admire the adorable collection of typing companions.
This feature applies to Typesy EDU and Homeschool accounts only.

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