eReflect And Home Educators Resource Directory Agree: Typesy Is Like Having A Personal Tutor

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eReflect asserts, and Home Educators Resource Directory confirms, that Typesy™ offers a personalized learning experience for learners, similar to having a personal typing tutor.

Home Educators Resource Directory has released a statement saying that practicing keyboarding skills with Typesy™ is as efficient as practicing with a personal tutor. eReflect, designer of cloud-based keyboarding tool Typesy™, agrees with the editors at HomeEdDirectory.com and highlights the fact that the number one goal of Typesy™ is to offer learners a truly personalized learning experience.

Typesy™ is the learn to type software by eReflect that helps users improve their typing technique and speed so that they can increase their productivity. According to the typing software review by Home Educators Resource Directory, Typesy™:

“[I]s a very thorough program that combines exercises and videos. They spent over 6 years doing research to make this scientifically designed program fun and easy. All it takes is 7 minutes per day!  It automatically monitors your progress and adapts to your needs.”

Homeschooling mother and software reviewer Jen Pontoriero emphasizes the fact that eReflect offers a matchless money-back guarantee, stating that this is proof of the program’s effectiveness and legitimacy:

“[Y]ou can’t beat their guarantee!  Not only is it a 100% money back guarantee, they will even give you $50 back if you are not satisfied!  I can’t imagine anyone would not be satisfied with this program!!”

The program’s personalization level make it stand out from its competitors, says Pontoriero. “It’s like having your own personal tutor,” she explains enthusiastically in her review. The Typesy™ program suggests whether or not a user should repeat a practice or exercise, and lets users set their own words-per-minute goals. The system then supports users as they work towards achieving those goals using the program’s built-in exercises and games.

The program even allows users to import their own texts to practice typing with to make their learning experience more relevant and interesting.

Typesy™, as many other typing software reviews also highlight, offers progress monitoring so the learner can track their typing efficiency progress and be encouraged to improve upon it even more.

As Pontoriero notes in her detailed review, Typesy™ allows up to five family members to have an account and practice their typing skills. It is suitable for typists of all levels and ages as it offers a complete list of typing lessons, activities, and games.

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