How to Get an Extra 10 Minutes Out of Every Work Day

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Being able to type will help you get a job, but once you have that job you need to keep it and, if possible, advance in your field and career. One of the best ways of ensuring that you’re always in mind for promotion is to be extremely efficient. If you’ve ever stayed late at work to finish up a task, you know how valuable extra time is. Well, if you’re an excellent typist, the time you save with that skill can give you 10 “extra” minutes – at a minimum – to devote to other things. In fact, some estimates put the time saved by expert typing skills at over two hours every day! Just think of what you could do with two full hours of additional productivity.

To get those expert skills once you’re familiar with keyboard basics, you can concentrate on building your touch typing speed and accuracy. Typesy’s Speed Building Course and Accuracy Building Course don’t take long to complete, and they are an excellent way to quickly improve speed and accuracy. The courses are made up of several computer generated activities accompanied by instructions that guide you through the steps. All you have to do is follow along. You can repeat the courses as many times as you like; each time you complete them your speed and accuracy will improve.

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