How to Set and Meet Your Goals

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If you’re using the Typesy program to increase your touch typing speed and accuracy, you know how useful the goal and tracking features are. But no matter what you’re doing, or what you’d like to achieve in 2014, be sure to use the same techniques to help you reach your personal goals for the year. We’ve put together some tips for setting and meeting your goals in the new year, and wish you all the success you deserve in the next twelve months!

When you set a definite goal – for example, working towards being able to type 98wpm with 98% accuracy – you can visualize that goal, making it real in your mind and therefore something that can really be achieved. What’s more, having a set goal allows you to see your progress as you improve, and that provides positive feedback that keeps you optimistic and energized, confident that you’ll soon reach the goal that you set.

If you’re not sure what your goals are for 2014, take some time to think about what’s important to you, and what’s important in your family life, your job, and your personal development. Once you identify your priorities, you’ll be able to start listing some concrete steps to turning those priorities into reality. Because you’ve recognized that these goals are necessary and valuable, you’ll be able to maintain your motivation even when things get rough.

Things will get rough, unfortunately, because it’s rare when everything works smoothly all the time without anything unexpected coming up. Because it’s better to plan than to be surprised, be sure to remain flexible and build some margins into your schedule. When you’ve given yourself an extra fifteen minutes or even fifteen days to finish a task, you’ll relax and make more progress.

Finally, when you’ve reached your goal, reward yourself for your success – and then set a new goal, and set off for even greater rewards.

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