How Typesy Helps Schools in Teaching Keyboarding Skills

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Typesy is an amazing program that not only teaches students to type but also teaches students as they learn to type. Today’s students and classrooms are held to rigorous standards. Standardized testing has become a way for states to hold the school accountable, and if students can type they will struggle on these tests. 

Typesy knows how important it is for students to do well on these tests, and that is why the proper curriculum is used to teach along with the keyboarding. Most testing is done on the computer now, so even if a student has all the answers they will not do well if they cannot articulate those answers through typing. 

You can’t type without correct spelling. For this reason, Typesy uses real vocabulary words to practice instead of just using random letter combinations. Students love it, and because they are learning in a fun way they retain the information better than they would with standard keyboarding classes. 

This is an inclusive program. It allows students from all over the country to learn how to touch-type, which is a skill that everyone needs to have in today’s technologically advanced world. Whether the school has one computer per class and the students need to take turns, or each student has their own computer, Typesy allows the admin to determine and control how long each session is. This means that everyone can learn, and not just the students who have computers at home. 

Many of the free online typing games can be fun for children, but they can often have dangerous ads or use your student’s information for purposes outside of teaching keyboarding skills. Typesy never has ads, and your student’s information will never be shared for any reason that does not pertain to their typing classes and skill level. You can safe having Typesy in your school.

Typesy is motivating and fun for students while also allowing them to see real results in a way they can understand at any age. The fun animated odometers and clear graphs showing improvement will keep them moving forward while the trophies and awards help create an atmosphere of achievement. Typesy cares about each student, and these features allow the students to feel like they matter.

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