Keyboarding Software Ultimate Typing Relaunches With New Name: Typesy 2016

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eReflect unveils its rebranded touch typing software Typesy  that replaces the previous name of Ultimate Typing. The company aims to align modern-day user needs with Typesy’s focus on touch typing efficiency in schools, universities, the workplace, and at home.

Ultimate Typing is a touch typing software system used by thousands of users around the world to improve their keyboarding skills. The company behind the product, eReflect, has announced that this popular product has been rebranded as “Typesy.”

This touch typing software, which is available through the cloud, launched its latest edition for 2016 under the new name Typesy and offers a complete learning experience for its existing and new users.

Why Ultimate Typing Was Rebranded As Typesy

The rebranding of Ultimate Typing to Typesy illustrates the company’s underlying objective to establish the software as the go-to keyboarding solution for families, individuals, and schools. The new name is more memorable for its target audience and speaks more directly to the goal of the product: teaching people to improve their typing technique and speed through fun activities and games.

As a significantly more brandable name, Typesy aspires to become a leader in the education market for schools and school districts that want to prepare tomorrow’s workforce for the new tech-driven marketplace. Marc Slater, eReflect founder and managing director, said:

“With Typesy we’re looking ahead at a bright future. Typesy offers a unique learning experience for anyone who wants to improve their typing skill but has little time to do so. Our new identity better communicates our vision to offer user-friendly educational solutions and to help people save time, money, and be more efficient and professional at work. Typesy offers all these and more.”

The Perks of Typesy: Learning Anywhere, Any Time, on Any Device

Typesy is a user-friendly, interactive, and above all efficient keyboarding app. Each user is guided to improve their typing speed and technique through fun games, to track their progress effortlessly, and to share typing success on social media. It’s on the cloud so users can access it from anywhere, on any device, at any time. It’s convenience and efficiency all wrapped into a single typing tutor app.

Already, the feedback from users and the online community regarding Typesy’s rebranding has been overwhelmingly positive, notes eReflect. Users point out that they enjoy the new personality and feel of Typesy which feels more up to date with the times. Marc Slater commented on this, saying:

“The Typesy community inspires us every day. We listen to our users and what they want and expect from Typesy, and do our best to offer these features to our devoted users. The new streamlined name is one of these features.”

Improved User Experience, More Impressive Typing Skills

In terms of user experience, Typesy offers an even better learning environment than ever.

Typesy is exclusively cloud-based. With each purchase it offers access to its training and learning material for up to 5 users without extra charge. Every user can access Typesy on any device and get a personal profile for their individual training sessions.

With advanced progress and practice monitoring technology, Typesy automatically tracks and reports on the user’s progress offering feedback and a clear overview of their efforts in real time. By monitoring user practice and adapting the learning experience to the user’s needs, each person is able to improve their typing in a matter of days. Customized typing goals prompt and motivate users to keep practicing until they achieve their goals.

Despite its rebranding, Typesy will continue offering the same features and tools to its users, including its highly praised step-by-step video tutorials, its fun typing games, and the progress tracking technology that accelerates the typing mastery process. Typesy 2016 will also include its comparatively new features of social media integration and access through the cloud.

The combination of video tutorials, interactive activities, and personalized learning help learners improve their touch typing technique quickly and with little effort. Designed by touch typing experts, Typesy is now synonymous with user-friendliness. Accessible from any device, the keyboarding app makes it easy for people on the go to dedicate a few minutes every day to touch typing improvement.

Testament to its efficiency in improving touch typing skills for people of all ages, educational backgrounds, and aspirations are the numerous reviews provided by prestigious, independent organizations and software review sites.

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