Looking Beyond Keyboarding Learning

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Keyboarding learning is still one of the most important aspects of a student’s education. Plus, we do not live in a world where technology is more relied upon by so many. While it might sound like nothing to sneeze at, knowing how to get around a computer and a keyboard is key. Typing is essential as it is now as it was way back in the day. Even in the age where typewriters were prominent, typing was a needed skill for various occupations. Today with computers, tablets, and smartphones almost every single person has operated one or the other on a consistent basis. Keyboard learning is simply just typing. You’d be surprised by what else you can possibly learn other than just stringing words together into sentences and paragraphs.

We live in an age where pen and paper are still practiced, but has long taken the back seat for quite a while. That’s because we are more used to sending emails and texts. Sure, there are times when we hand write little messages to send a birthday card out to mom, dad, grandma, or any other family member. But to those over a certain age, they chalk it up as a lost art. 

Also, we live in an age that students are now doing their homework on their computers. They are submitting their assignments electronically via the Internet rather than the traditional pieces of paper. Tests and quizzes are rarely done just by picking up your pencil and flipping over the paper on the teacher’s signal. So it would make sense that students learn to type and hone their speed and accuracy so they can be able to write legible and easy to understand answers for such things like essay questions on tests. 

Typing was once brushed off to the side as a skill that was unneeded and only applied to those who planned on working in offices for their entire life. But typing isn’t just for office work. People can hone their writing skills in so many ways. Writing a novel, working as a journalist for a newspaper or a media outlet, or even putting together a presentation that would shape their employer’s future on how they can do business with their clients. 

Keyboarding learning should no longer be viewed as “just another typing class”. We are dealing with technology that makes things faster, simpler, and much more convenient than ever before. So it would be wise to start students early in learning how to type and even navigate a computer not just at a basic level, but with a few intermediate skills as well.

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