Typesy EDU Updates for November 2019

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In November 2019, Typesy made a few changes and updates to their EDU pages. These are to further improve the effectiveness of the site as an educational tool. The following items have been updated and/or changed:

Live Class Pause

District Screen

School Screen

Unified Test/Assignment Screen

Settings Screen

The updated pause function allows a teacher to prevent students from logging on the site. this will allow teachers to take any behind the scenes adjustments as needed as well as catch up on grading. This update increases the ease of use of the site for administrators and allows them to have greater control over their personal curriculum. If there are specific things that a teacher needs to cover it may help substantially to be able to pause the software so that you can go over a concept in the classroom.

The District screen has also been improved. Typesy has focused on meeting the needs of districts, as their tests have become increasingly computerized. It is important that students have functional typing ability as to not detrimentally affect their test scores.

The school Screen has been improved as well. This is to promote unity within particular schools that employ the software and further help teachers within these establishments. Districts and schools are the primary focus of these pages on Typesy.

Under the admin tab on the Typesy website is the ability for teachers to create unified tests and assignments. Further improvements have been made to this function to increase the productivity levels of teachers. This function allows teachers to administer new tests and assignments remotely to monitor the progress of their students.

The settings screen has also been improved for greater ease of use for teachers. teachers are able to create different assignments and the grading has been modified to be even more user-friendly. The site offers grading templates for tests and assignments as well as auto-grading functions.

Typesy EDU continues to make improvements to encourage adaptive learning that engages students on an individual level. The different games and features have shown great improvement in the typing skills of many students. Progress of the students is tracked in real-time and displayed for them to see which motivates them.

Typesy EDU is focused on the needs of districts, schools, teachers, and students. We will continue to make updates to attempt to improve the typing skills of all of our users and ease of use for administrators. 

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