New Common Core Standards Requirements Include Typing Skills

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The educational initiative in the United States called “Common Core” is uniting schools and teachers around the country to promote consistent, high-level ability in reading, writing, math, and language skills for kids from kindergarten through graduation. The sponsors of this program believe that this will help prepare students for higher education, and give them the tools they need to get ahead in the job market as well. School administrations have been working on this initiative for several years, after the introduction of the first set of standards released in 2010, and 2015 is the target date to have the majority of schools following the new curriculum.

The English Language Arts section covers skills in reading and writing, but also in comprehension and listening abilities. Students in higher grades will be expected to read and analyze literature and write about it, as well as discussing it in class. Communication on many levels is emphasized in this area, and that includes communication in digital format. The Common Core Standards include a requirement that children at the grade 5 level (generally between 10 and 12 years old) be able to successfully type out a two-page paper on their own, without taking significant pauses in the process.

This is just the latest trend in digitally-based education; many students already have to use computers as part of their school programs, when teachers put quizzes and lessons on line or refer students to internet resources. A good ability to type – or better, the ability to touch type – will help children meet the new standards and get good grades. More importantly, it will teach them the typing techniques they will need to handle the pressure of university coursework, and later to be an efficient and productive worker on the job.

It’s never too late to learn good typing skills, but it’s increasingly obvious that it’s never too early, either.

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