Paid vs Free Typing Programs: Which Should You Choose?

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When starting your Touch Typing Training, your first task is finding the right typing program for you. There are tons of options available on the internet, so picking one is only a matter of preference. A major consideration you should make is choosing between paid and free programs. It isn’t just a matter of money; you’ll also want to see if a program’s quality and content is worth your buck.

Having a tough time deciding? Here, we’ll give you a nifty guide on differentiating paid and free typing programs by their characteristics.

1) Course Availability

Paid: To access the courses of paid typing programs, you will have to, of course, pay for them. Prices vary according to your license/subscription and the edition that you have purchased. Your degree of access may also depend on what kind of user you sign up as. For example, Typesy’s EDU edition allows those registered as teachers more admin oversight than their students.

Free: Free programs allow free registration or sign up. There are also programs that do not require an account, such as Typing Club and Dancing Mat.

2) Lessons

Paid: Paid programs have lessons that fit all age groups, where skill assessments designate users to their corresponding levels. Others allow the manual adjustment according to user preference. In most cases, paid software release an assortment of editions that cater to a more inclusive audience.

Free: The lessons in free programs are mostly limited to specific audiences, usually for children. However, there are also others that are especially for adults, like GCFLearnFree. Aside from skill assessments, some free programs also have unique activities. Typing offers one-, three-, and five-minute lessons that fit easily into a busy daily routine.

3) Functions

Paid: Almost all paid programs have software that are compatible with most operating systems, like Typesy’s cloud-based software. Many of these programs offer additional games and challenges, while some don’t. More importantly, they showcase progress reports for Touch Typing trainees. A notable few have distinct features. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing allows you to sync your own content and absorb important information as you type, while Typing Instructor Platinum has over 50 different music options.

Free: Free online programs are available in multiple languages. They offer engaging visuals and games for children and progress reports for trainees to monitor. Touch Typing Study has a variety of screen layouts for users to choose from.

4) Updates

Paid: One of the freebies of many paid typing programs is that they have yearly updates with your continued subscription.

Free: Free online typing programs are also updated regularly, albeit at a more unpredictable pace.

What are you waiting for? Explore all these free and paid programs and start your typing training today.

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