Typesy Games: Let’s Have FUN While Learning

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Typesy was launched to help people of all comfort levels with typing learn how to use an essential everyday task, and part of our work is making typing fun and accessible so anyone can learn. Read below for descriptions of the games that make our program unique!

Typing Fun

Learning to type means enjoying the experience, in our opinion. These games will help you develop that appreciation.

Clumsy Bird Typing: A small bird is trying to fly through the city. Type words to keep her afloat as she travels to her destination.

Jimbo Jump: Jimbo is stuck on the bottom floor of a haunted building. As you type the words on the screen, Jimbo will jump up, either to avoid the ghosts or to reach the next floor.

Type and Rock: Type words to help crowds of people find a nearby rock concert, but make sure to avoid disturbing any of the people doing homework.

Submarine Dash: Type words to keep a submarine afloat and gather coins, but be careful to avoid the rocky obstacles!

Sea Friends: A group of octopi got separated and need your help to find each other again.

Type Man: This game pairs speed and spatial awareness as you help Type Man navigate around the board without getting munched by ghosts.

Accuracy Building Games

These games reward accuracy, and will help you progress quickly through your touch typing training.

Falling Words: You get five chances to type the words before they hit the bottom of the screen.

Rising Words: Earn success points by eliminating words before they reach the top of the screen. If they hit the top, the game is over.

Focus: Letters will move across the screen, and it’s your job to eliminate them by typing them as they pass under the red X.

Sinking Words: Type the words before they hit the red line at the bottom of the screen or the red line will advance upward!

Speed Boosting Games

These games might be a bit overwhelming when you first start out, but they’ll help you get faster and faster.

Speed Builder: You have a set amount of time to type as many words as possible for a higher score.

Letter Train: Type the words as they move across the screen!

Letter Train II: Like Letter Train, but users type nonsense phrases including punctuation to practice more practical typing skills.

Keyboard Skills

These games combine the accuracy, speed, and fun of the previous games to offer you a holistic approach to touch typing and the development of muscle memory.

Quick Trainer: Type words as you see them and earn points; mess up and lose points!

Key React: Click the letters as they light up to practice your memory of keyboard layout.

Key Memory: Letters flash in a pattern on the screen. It’s your job to remember which letters they were, and to type them in the correct order.

Catch: When the little green balls meet on a square, you have to click the square on your keyboard to “catch” them.

What’s Coming Up

Typesy is always adding new games and ways to learn so typists can practice in ways that suit their learning styles. We hope you enjoy yourself with these games, and that you look forward to the next releases!