There’s More to Touch Typing Than Typing

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While you could just take a course that shows you how to match fingers with the appropriate keys on the keyboard, there are other aspects of typing that all add up to increased speed and decreased stress. Because of this, a key feature of Typesy is that it teaches more than touch typing. For example, Typesy includes a workshop on getting to know your keyboard. The workshop discusses the standard QWERTY keyboard layout, regional differences among keyboards and how Typesy handles them, keyboard variations like the split keyboard design, and other keyboard details.

There’s also an in-depth workshop on ergonomics. Maybe you don’t think an ergonomically correct work environment matters. But after completing the Typesy online workshop on ergonomics, you’ll see that ergonomics plays a huge role in improving your touch typing speed and accuracy, and more importantly, your comfort.

During the workshop on ergonomics, you’ll learn how to position your desk, chair, armrests, keyboard, monitor, lighting, mouse, arms, wrists, fingers, elbows, and feet in a way that maximizes comfort while minimizing the risk of developing repetitive stress injury, eye strain, neck and back pain, and other health issues. The workshop offers an abundance of valuable tips for setting up your workspace, plus instructions for several stretching exercises that you can do right at your desk.

There’s even a workshop on goal setting. This workshop discusses the importance of goal setting and offers general tips for setting goals. The discussion also offers insight into defining a touch typing goal based on your career objectives and personal preferences. Once defined, you can input your goal and let Typesy help you achieve it.

All in all, Typesy has everything you need to learn about all aspects of touch typing, so that you develop a well-rounded and complete skill set that’s sure to help you succeed.

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