Tips to Relieve Computer Eye Strain

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If you work in a profession wherein you spend much of your time staring at a computer screen, you may be familiar with the concept of eye strain. This can be a very inconvenient frustration, but it’s important not to just work through it and brainstorm ways to make it better, as you definitely don’t want your work to affect your eyesight! 

Let’s talk about eye strain — where it comes from, how to treat it, and how to ensure that you won’t go blind from getting your work done on a day to day basis. 

What Is Eye Strain? 

Eye strain is a light pain or tiredness that we feel after staring at a screen for a long amount of time. This is caused both by the specific type of blue light that is emitted from a screen as well as the specific muscle tension required by your eyes to focus on something that is only a few feet away from your face. 

There are several ways to treat eye strain or avoid it happening in the first place — and you’ll want to do so, as eye strain can escalate quickly. 

How To Treat Eye Strain 

Let’s talk about a few different ways that we can receive our computer related eye strain: 

* Get a Pair of Blue Light Blockers. The blue light which comes from screens is very harsh on your eyes, so blocking it is a good first step. 

* Take Breaks. Removing the screen from your view will remove the blue light, and will also allow your eyes to look further away, which relaxes them.

* Blink. When we’re staring at screens, we tend not to blink as much as we might otherwise. Blinking is an important process, as it cleans and hydrates the eyes. Try to consciously blink a bit more often when you’re hunkered over your keyboard for an intense work assignment. 

* Switch It Up. If you wear contact lenses, take a break from them for a bit and wear your glasses instead. If you wear glasses, wear your lenses for a short period of time — it’s like a mini workout for your eyes.

* Optimize Your Lighting. Make sure that the lighting in your work room is adequate. A bright enough background light will lessen the effect of the blue light on your eyes.

* Keep Things Humid. Consider getting a humidifier to put in your work room to help counteract the effects of not blinking as much! 

* Get a Matte Screen Filter. Matte screen filters are plastic sheets that you physically attach to your screens to help reduce the amount of glare and glow. You can easily find them for any kind of screen you may have, from a computer to a phone or tablet.

Reducing eye strain is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your typing and computer-based job doesn’t cause you irreparable injury. Keep your eyes happy and safe and your life will be that much easier!

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