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Have you ever had a subscription to a service and suddenly you lost access? Did it take you a while to figure out why? Did you end up having to call customer service to figure it all out only to realize that you simply forgot to extend the subscription and this could have all been avoided had you just remembered to update and extend it? It happens to us all at some point. This is why there are now reminders.

Typesy’s Subscription Reminders will show when your subscription is getting close to expiring and it hasn’t been renewed yet. Every page within the admin interface will have a reminder at the top of it letting you know when your subscription expires. If it is close to the due date, this reminder will be red. Once paid and renewed, it will disappear.

If you want to renew and extend your subscription, the reminder makes it easy! All you need to do is click on it and you will be brought to the accounts subscription screen where you can extend your subscription and have it all taken care of. This is a simpler and more convenient way to handle renewal and extensions than just trying to remember the expiration dates or write it on a calendar somewhere.

Once your subscription is extended the reminder will disappear until it gets close to renewal time again. By adding subscription reminders to the top of the screen, Typesy can now help its users keep track of their subscriptions and give them time to renew them. That will prevent lapses in the students keyboarding education.

A lapse can mean embarrassing issues when students try to log on. It can also cause confusing issues for educators. Imagine being in the middle of a lesson and you suddenly cannot access the account. How many times have you sat there trying to refresh a screen for no reason?

Providing reminders at the top of the admin interface screens is a great way for Typesy to help everyone remember to renew and extend their subscriptions and stay current. This is just one more way Typesy has made the user experience even easier.

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