Too Hot, Too Cold – Keep Your Typing Just Right

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Right now in New York and Norway, typists are wrapped in thick sweaters and turning up the heat at home and at the office. When you’re too cold, your hands and fingers will be stiff, and that will slow down your typing speed. Getting chilled means your shoulders and neck will tighten up, and that may lead to muscle strain. Cold weather also contributes to poor circulation of the blood, so it’s important to keep warm and keep moving. If you’re in the middle of a northern winter, try these tips:

1) Wear a warm scarf or a light sweater to keep your upper body from getting too cold.

2) Buy a set of fingerless gloves to keep the joints and muscles in your hand warm and flexible.

3) Use a small portable heater beneath your desk to encourage blood flow in your legs and feet.

4) Drink hot caffeine-free liquids throughout the day, and get up frequently to move around.

On the other hand, people typing in Sydney and South Africa right now are probably opening up their windows as wide as possible, trying to get a cool breeze into their office rooms. In the middle of summer, too much heat usually won’t affect your typing speed – other than contributing to your general discomfort and distraction – but it will definitely affect the computer you’re typing on. When the air around a computer is too hot, the computer itself may overheat. To make sure you and your computer don’t lose your cool, follow these suggestions:

1) Use a portable fan to cool off your workspace. Don’t turn the thermostat down too low, or you’ll start to get too cold, and that will have a negative impact on your typing speed (see above).

2) Make sure your computer has good airspace around it, especially near the exhaust fan.

3) Keep your computer clean; a dusty computer overheats more quickly than a dust-free one.

4) If you use a laptop, use supports to raise it off the desk surface, or buy a laptop stand.

Once you’ve found the happy medium for your typing environment, your workspace setup will be just right.

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