Are You Able to Keep Up? Why Technology Matters in Communication

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The Internet has turned ours into a society in which written communication reigns. Before the Internet age, most communication took place verbally. Back then people actually talked to one another, usually either face-to-face or over the telephone. Today, such communication is becoming rarer and rarer. For better or for worse, verbal communication has been largely replaced by the written word. We type our email. We type out our thoughts, beliefs and emotions on blogs. We “chat” online, but most often our chats are not driven by our vocal cords. Instead, we rely on our fingers to convey our words.

When we have good or bad experiences at restaurants, shops, concerts, or other retail or entertainment venues, we access the various social media sites where we share our experiences with others using our keyboards instead of our mouths.

There are many different ways the Internet is changing the way we communicate, but today’s abundance of written communication all share one thing in common – the majority of it is typed. Think about how the Internet has changed the way YOU communicate with others. Here are a few questions to ponder:

How often do you choose to send an email message rather than contacting another person by telephone?

On average, what percentage of each day do you spend posting and/or replying to messages on social media sites?

When you chat with your friends, are you more inclined to chat on the phone, chat in person, or chat online?

How often do you pick up a pen or pencil to make notes or complete assignments or write letters? How often do you instead turn to your keyboard when handling these tasks?

You may be surprised to realize how big a role the Internet plays in your daily life – this realization surprises a lot of people. With the Internet playing an ever-increasing role in our daily communication, the ability to touch type is more important than ever.

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