Typesy Added Feature: Wordlists

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Typesy team members have always put education first. In fact, they value education so much that they have incorporated different lists of words to type. This allows the education development unit users or admins to choose different texts. This will not only teach how to type but teach how to spell as well. This is a two-in-one deal.

This option also features the ability to show the spelling and the definition of the word. In this wordlist tab, you will find a button that will show the options for spelling and definition. 

Typing and New Words 

When you are learning how to spell certain words, typing them over and over can help the brain process how to spell the word. This is because your fingers are striking the keys to type it properly. When you do this, your brain is remembering how to spell the word as well. This means when you add new words from the wordlist, you are going to allow students to learn how to type and spell at the same time. Not only are you training the fingers, but the brain as well. 

Why Typing is Important 

Most people can type, that is not a problem. However, not all people can touch-type. Most people will peck slowly at the keys. This is not okay because it will not allow them to get the job done as quickly as it should be done.

Touch-typing is important because it is a skill that people need to have in the workplace. It helps boost productivity. Plus, when someone touch-types, they will type faster and be more accurate. Not to mention you can get more done in less time when you are not looking at the keys and pecking. Most employers will not accept pecking as a reliable form of typing. If you are required to type, pecking will not be acceptable. They may deny someone the job if they peck at the keys. 

Typing with Typesy 

When you are using Typesy, you are going to learn how to properly use a keyboard. You will type properly so that you can keep up-to-date with what employers are looking for. This is something that you should take into consideration as an admin. You need to know that your students will need to know how to type when they enter the work field. As an admin, you can incorporate spelling with their typing lessons. This will help prepare your students for the world ahead of them. 

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