Typesy August 2019 Update for Teachers

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Typesy has rolled out all new and exciting updates for the educators who use their programs! Dive in and check out the new features that allow teachers to get the most out of the Typesy program while also helping them create a more streamlined approach.

Grading Simplification

Grading your student’s work has now gotten simpler and more intuitive! There is now only one type of grader, and grading only needs to be done in the Tests and Assignments section. You can also create a grading template in which you can filter names and values, with an additional line chart to make the process easier. 

Class Overview Tab

Teachers can now enjoy a way to get a solid overview of each class. You can see how many students and teachers are in each class. You can also see the assignments and tests that have been taken by that class. Now you never have to worry about anyone falling behind the rest of the class.

Subscription Reminder

From now on, there will be a reminder at the top of the admin screen letting you know when your subscription to Typesy will expire and reminding you to renew it. Now you don’t have to worry about an accidental lapse. 

Typing Mastery Change

From now on, typing mastery levels will be displayed on an animated odometer display. Students will also be limited in what features they can use based on their typing mastery, which will further motivate them to improve. There are also new labels, including Novice, intermediate, master, elite, and legend.

Tour Check

Typesy has now provided a tour of the admin interface within the home screen, users, classes, class, account, and support. This will allow you to navigate the program quickly and easily so you can focus on your students.

Universal Help Button

There is a Help button on the top right corner of the admin interface. This button will give you the options of tour current page, submit bug/feedback, and support. This is designed to ensure you can easily navigate the program, and get help if you need it.

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