Typesy Feature: Word Work—Uses and Info

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What is Word Work?

This is a feature on Typesy that builds vocabulary. Either using the given word list they provide or creating your own, your child is given a list of words and definitions. They provide examples of the word being used in sentences so the definition becomes clear. After a word is mastered, it can be checked off the list.

Benefits of Word Work?

1. Typing skills and vocabulary-building skills are complementary. Children pick up on information very quickly when it is presented in a way that is direct and easy to understand. Word Work uses a simple interface with minimal features to track how well your child perceives the information. Being able to learn new words should come naturally, and it is a great skill that offers many benefits as the child grows up. An extensive vocabulary is a definite sign of intelligence that both colleges and employers look for.

2. When a child learns new words, one of the best ways to practice using them is in class. Whether they are writing papers or conversing with classmates, the new vocabulary is going to make its appearance. Best used in an educational setting, the Word Work feature can be used as a form of studying.

3. Spelling and vocabulary can be challenging for most children. Typesy helps with this by teaching vocabulary lessons that are to the point. Appearing as a simple list, the task does not appear daunting as your child works through it. A  bonus feature that can be added to the lesson plan that is independent of the typing lessons, this further proves how much Typesy cares about your child’s success and understanding.

How to Use Word Work

As mentioned, there are either pre-made lists that you can assign, or you can create your own. From the administrator perspective, lists can be created that follow themes of current lesson plans, which is a nice integration of skills that need to be learned. As the student, this information is given and the admin can create a test/assignment under the class setting. This ensures that they are not merely memorizing definitions but understanding them fully. 

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