Typesy EDU: Single Sign-On Ready

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Typesy EDU: Single Sign-On Ready

Now more than ever, typing is part of adult (and teen and tween!) life. Whether it’s on a phone or on a computer, typing has become part of our schooling, our professions, and our personal lives.

Unfortunately, typing can be a dull business if it’s approached like a hurdle we have to overcome to be successful. Luckily, Typesy doesn’t believe that typing needs to just be useful – it can be fun as well! Our game-based approach gives kids the chance to improve their typing and their sense memory of the keyboard (as well as eating ghosts in Pac-Man).

Learning with Typesy is even easier now that we have partnered with Clever, Classlink, and Google Classroom. This partnership means that our users can enjoy our services with one single sign-on  – logging in to Typesy will also log you into your Clever, Classlink, or Google Classroom account. All of your student information and lesson plans will be at your fingertips at the click of a button.

Clever, a company made by and for educators, helps to connect students and teachers with software that makes their lives simpler. Teachers enjoy the means to set up new applications easily while giving their students fast, easy access to their information, lessons, and resources. Our partnership with Clever removes the roadblocks to student learning represented by complicated login systems. We now offer Clever Single Sign-On and Secure Sync (a rostering program) for no charge. To learn more about Clever, click here.

Since 1998, Classlink has been helping educators connect with students online with a cloud-based technology that localizes data and resources so that educators have easy access. Connecting students who are each using their own devices for a variety of learning tasks – or doing something solitary like learning to type – can be tricky work, but Classlink provides the tools to keep every student on the same page. Typesy and Classlink will work together with one-click technology to help students stay engaged and committed to their own learning. Classlink’s website can give you even more information.

Google Classroom allows educators to create classes, hand out assignments, and collect completed work to mirror their real life classes. Homework can be easily integrated with classwork, so the learning doesn’t have to stop when students leave school. Our partnership with Google Classroom makes your life easier by centralizing your assignments and your students’ typing work. Click here for more information about Google Classroom.

At Typesy EDU, we connect learning to fun in a productive, thoughtful way. Clever, Classlink, and Google Classroom help us do it by streamlining login, centralizing information, and allowing educators to communicate about the work their students are doing. Our newly-introduced single sign-on technology means that improved typing is only one click away.

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