Typesy Added Feature: Class Overview

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Having a way to see a class as a whole versus sifting through each individual student’s profile can really help an educator stay organized and in control of each class. The new Class Overview page will let admins do just that. Admins can now have complete control over each class and the assignments for each class. 

When you enter the admin interface and choose any class the default view will now be a class overview screen instead of the student’s screen. The Class Overview will display how many students, teachers, and active curriculum there are for each individual class. It will update in real-time as students, teachers, and assignments are added and removed. 

The recent tests and assignments section will show who has or hasn’t completed each task on the list. All of these features will combine to create an easy to use and streamlines process by which admins and teachers can keep track of the performance of all of their students. This can be done at the individual level, of course, but how time-consuming would it be?

Having the ability to see how a class is performing on a whole is a great way to keep everyone on the same page and working together. It also helps you to quickly see who has completed the current assignments and who still needs more time to work on it. If one student is consistently behind you will be able to quickly identify that issue and help the student before it becomes an ongoing problem. 

Overall, having a Class Overview page proves to be helpful to the admin, teacher, and students. It allows the admin to quickly and easily access each class’s stats and then decide which students they may need to look twice at whereas before the admin would have to dig through the list, and ultimately may end up not getting to everyone. 

These are now issues of the past. Class Overview is another way in which Typesy has shown that they care about their users and want them to truly be able to learn and excel.

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