Typesy in Focus: Blocky

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Typesy is a platform that provides an efficient and interactive learning platform for students and employees to learn how to type quickly and efficiently. The site is expanding this focus on the importance of typing skills with the introduction of Typesy Kids. This platform will focus on children ages 5-10 and developing their typing skills, and who better to introduce this feature than our new character, Blocky.

Blocky is a fun-loving and educational mascot for typists everywhere with a specific focus on the engagement and motivation of young children. Blocky will be an integral part of Typesy kids providing constant entertainment and encouragement for the young students on this new platform. This is a very engaging way to educate kids in this age range.

Still in development stages, Blocky will have a compelling back story that leads him to be a motivator to potential expert typists everywhere. His appearance will be that which signifies the importance of good typing skills, but in a more fun way than that sounds on paper. Blocky is a gregarious character that is also not afraid to get down to business and encourage children to try their best and complete assignments.

The importance of an attention-grabbing character has proven to drastically improve the knowledge retention and skill development of children. Catchy design and slogans will greatly improve a child’s desire to learn. There are many examples that you can probably think of to support this concept.

The importance of addressing this age group has become clearer with developments in the understanding of how people learn. It is said that the easiest way to learn multiple languages is to be exposed to them from an early age. This allows the child to better conceptualize a language instead of the translative nature of adult learning.

Since typing has become a primary form of human communication, grasping the attention of younger children and developing their skills early seems crucial. Blocky is Typesy’s attempt to encourage this process in children that will ultimately allow them to get ahead later in life. Teaching children as young as 5 how to type can be greatly beneficial for them.

Typesy Kids is already available in Amazon with the introduction of the fun-loving and educational Blocky. With Blocky’s help, children who use Typesy Kids have the potential to develop a crucial skill early in life. This will be a great asset for them to have all throughout their life.

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