What’s In Typesy™ 2016?

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Did you know that with good typing skills you can save up to 48 hours per month? That’s two days, people!

Typesy™ is touch typing software that can help your child easily master this essential tech skill, something that will save them thousands of hours of typing over their lifetime.

Keyboarding is a skill that’s indispensable in the 21st century; it’s a prerequisite at school and college, and of course at the workplace. With good touch typing skills you can be productive, make more money, and be more competitive than others when looking for a job.

Typesy™ 2016 is a complete keyboarding tutor suitable for homeschooling. In fact, it’s so comprehensive in its scope that you don’t need any other tools in order to teach your children how to touch type.


I think that ease of use tells a lot about a program’s efficiency. If a program has a complex user interface, then it’s likely that its exercises and activities will be counter-intuitive also – and that means they’ll be less effective.

Typesy™ is easy to use with an intuitive, friendly, and fun interface. First-time users will immediately be able to easily find their way around its comprehensive video lessons, activities, and games.

The program has been designed by typing experts to ensure that users reap the maximum benefit from the software in minimum time.

In fact, with about 7 minutes of practice per day, anyone can improve their typing speed and accuracy, whether they’re 7 years old or 70. You can make touch typing a family event!

The program’s user-friendliness is not limited to its interface. Everything – the video tutorials, the lessons, the interactive typing games, and all the quizzes and activities – are user-friendly and compelling too. This means that children in particular won’t get bored with typing practice. There are plenty of activities to try and games to play at every step of their typing progress.

Typesy™ is on the Cloud

You don’t need to download any installation files on your computers. Once you get a license your children can log into their personal accounts and start practicing right away!

They’re not limited to the desktop computer in your home office, either. Users can practice anywhere, from any keyboard-based device.

You can have your practice outdoors on a sunny day, you can practice at a coffee shop on your way to a cultural excursion, and your children can practice at home and at a friend’s house. The possibilities of practice afforded by the program’s cloud-based technology are boundless – and so convenient for a homeschooling parent.

7 minutes a day for typing practice is easy to fit in anywhere in your daily curriculum. The fact that the software syncs all your devices with your personal account means that you don’t have to waste time updating your progress tracking when you log on using another device.

Even better, you never have to worry about your progress not being saved or your data getting lost. Everything is in sync and each user can install Typesy™ on as many devices as they want!

Social Media Integration

Every user creates their personal profile: a complete dashboard with their typing goals and progress, and a badge showing their “Success Status” from points collected at every Typing Efficiency Level. After your child earns their first Bronze medal, they’ll be even more motivated to continue to practice and collect points to get Silver, Gold, Platinum – and even Diamond!

The dashboard also provides personalized suggestions on what to practice next. A user can read the latest articles and how-to’s on the Typesy™ website, and can share their success with friends and family on Facebook.

A “Share Your Success” button that appears after the user has achieved a milestone encourages the reader to tell his or her friends about their progress, which also adds to the motivation to practice more and achieve even better typing efficiency.

Competitive Practice

One of the most useful aspects of Typesy™ is the ability it offers  for users to practice together. We know for a fact that group practice improves the outcome of each individual learner. The learners are competing against one another which motivates them to try harder, stay focused, and do their best to drive their learning forward. That makes it very appropriate for small group learning, where users can provide additional encouragement to others.

This feature of Typesy™ cannot be highlighted enough. It’s one that I encourage you to thoroughly use if you’re homeschooling more than one kid. You will be amazed how much faster your children’s typing efficiency will improve.

Sit Back and Relax

Programs like Typesy™ save you a lot of time and energy because its administration is so simple and its toolbox is so complete. I believe it’s so complete, in fact, that any other practice software, online tool, or reference material is unnecessary. The only thing you need to teach your children the essential tech skill of keyboarding is Typesy™ 2016.

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