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In October of 2017, Typesy added a new feature for teachers to assist them in incentivizing and tracking the progress of their students. This feature is known as the Typesy Hall of Fame. This feature displays the top 50 students of the week in terms of their progress.

The Hall of Fame allows students to see their progress as the top 50 points earners for the week are displayed on the board. The hall of fame displays two boards, these are the previous and current boards which show the top 50 points earners from last week and the current week. 

This is a great feature to incentivize progress of the students as their points are tallied on the current board in real-time. The previous board from the previous week is updated every Sunday. It is important to note that only the points from the week are tallied and not the overall points of users. 

The way to get into the settings of the class Hall of Fame for a teacher is as follows. This is of course on the admin part of the website and is under the class hall of fame options. From this point, you have three options on how to tweak your hall of fame boards. These options are:




The Global option, when selected will display the global hall of fame data for the weeks. This pertains to the point totals of all Typesy EDU users around the globe. This provides a fun perspective for the students to see where they may rank globally.

The Class option displays the results only within your class. This is the option that would be preferred if you are interested in only putting up a comparison amongst your particular class. This will not post the data from any other classes or other schools.

The Off option disables the Hall of Fame. If for some reason you do not wish for your students to be able to view the Hall of Fame data, this option will allow you to completely disable the section. Students will not be able to see how their data ranks up against any of their peers, either in their class or elsewhere in the world.

This is an optional function that some teachers may find helpful in motivating their students to achieve the best results that they can. Although, if you wish not to introduce too much competition into the classroom this function can be turned off. 

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