Cloud Version Of Typesy EDU For Schools Is Out!

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eReflect’s primary focus has always been about making education accessible and helping people become successful. Today, eReflect is proud to announce the release of Typesy™ EDU, a cloud-based typing software system designed and intended  for schools that want to offer their students today’s must-have tech skill, keyboarding.

Typesy™ EDU is specifically tailored for classroom use. It offers the most comprehensive keyboarding curriculum to date. It’s easy to set up and manage using the cloud service interface, so students and teachers can focus on the learning experience and outcomes.

Unrivaled Keyboarding Curriculum

Students can learn to keyboard through a multifaceted curriculum that includes video tutorials, games, courses, and other practice activities. In addition to the valuable skills instruction, Typesy™ EDU also provides student and administrator support, individual progress tracking, and online live reporting for an unparalleled learning experience.

What makes Typesy™ EDU different is that its activities and games implement the principles of muscle memory and structured repetition for guaranteed results and improved keyboarding skills.

Help students succeed

As a computer skill, touch typing is a key component in accelerated student performance. Anecdotal and research-based evidence alike show that students with poor keyboarding skills cannot keep up with keyboard-based assignments and activities, something that results in fewer employment opportunities in the future.

Typesy™ EDU offers schools an easy to integrate, affordable solution to this problem facing their student population.

To ensure that students have the keyboarding skills they need to excel in school tasks and prepare to enter the workforce, instruction in touch typing needs to be part of a modern curriculum. When students have efficient typing speed and accuracy, they can:

– Easily manage school assignments, tests, and exams that are computer-based, eventually achieving better academic performance.

– Be well-prepared for college, where a more demanding tech-based educational environment means students are expected to carry out online research, complete online surveys, and do assignments and take exams using a keyboard interface.

– Feel confident in their typing skills and get motivated to become productive individuals with more and better employment opportunities.

Student progress tracking

One recurrent issue in education is the lack of efficient student progress tracking and reporting tools. Typesy™ EDU makes student progress management easy.

Not only are students motivated to try harder because they can track their progress in real time, but this also lets teachers and supervisors set up typing classes, monitor individual and group progress, and have quantifiable data to work with to further fine-tune students’ performance.

Typesy™ EDU offers many advantages for teachers as well:

Live online reporting for prompt and proactive learning adjustments

Actionable Information to evaluate student performance and identify issues early on

Effortless user administration for a smoother learning experience

Light, accessible, feature-rich with no distracting ads, no browser problems, no heavy Internet bandwidth use, and no login access issues

Unlimited upgrades without the hassle of having to renew a license or upgrade to the latest version

– 24/7 support that gives teachers the tools they need to ensure a smooth, constructive learning experience for students

Affordable that provide a range of subscription packages tailored to meet the needs of schools and educational organizations so that more students can learn this essential computer skill

Typesy™ EDU includes all of the features of the Typesy™ 2014 package, plus it offers tools and technologies necessary for a classroom context.

It caters to the particular needs of schools that wish to offer students an effective touch typing learning experience that’s affordable, easily manageable, and results-driven.

Schools can request a free trial of Typesy™ EDU to see for themselves how the system can work for their classrooms, and discover the benefits that this keyboarding program will give to their students.

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