The Advantages of Group Learning and Goal Setting

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Imagine that you’re setting off alone on a marathon run. You can’t see the finish line, and you don’t have any way of guessing how far you’ve run because there are no useful signposts along the way. In addition, there aren’t any people running with you, so you have no way of figuring out how fast you’re going. And there’s no cheering crowd lining the raceway to give you encouragement. In this situation, would you find yourself motivated to get to the finish line – or even to start the race? Probably not. That’s why it’s important to have progress markers in anything you’re working on, and why it’s helpful to have other people around you, whether they’re working on the same project or just providing support.

Typesy will help you keep your eyes on the final goal as well as provide you with the daily, weekly, and monthly results of your typing improvement. You can see how you’re getting better in terms of both speed and accuracy. The Advanced Progress Tracking module gives a visual display of the work you’ve done while using the program. A quick glance is all it takes to see how much your touch typing skills have improved. While you complete the workshops, play games, take the built-in typing speed and accuracy tests, and utilize all of the practice opportunities available to you, Typesy is busy measuring, calculating and tracking your progress. The software then displays this information visually in easy-to-understand graphs.

One of the unique features of Typesy is that it can be easily used by more than one person. That means each user can personalize their own practice texts, set their own goals, and track their own individual progress meters. There’s no limitation on the number of people allowed to use it on a single computer, and Typesy separately tracks all settings and progress for each user. When you share Typesy with family and friends, you can cheer each other on as each typing goal is met – or you can compete against each other to get the best scores in the typing games!

When you have a goal that you can see, and markers along the way to track your progress, plus helpful people around you to keep you motivated, you have everything you need to succeed and get the touch typing skills you want.

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