“Our deparment is very happy with Typesy. Typesy has met all our expectations regarding lessons, reinforcements, skill levels, typing challenges, and feedback. The Typesy support team is outstanding with teacher and student support, answering questions, and always in a timely manner. We will continue our investment with this program.”

Cathy Cummings
Center Joint Unified School District

“Typesy is a cloud-based app that allowed our class typing in under 1 hour. It’s effortless to monitor progress of all students real time. I’ve seen the future of education applications! Thanks for designing a well rounded product that saves me tons of time.”

Mark Rau
Treasure Valley Baptist School

“The Typesy program is going well. Students really enjoy it and one is now competing with the school office staff. His original score was 24 wpm. Updated score is 55 wpm in 6 weeks!”

Donna Griffiths
Kowhai Intermediate School

“Ease of use and effectiveness define this excellent typing software and make Typesy ideal for learning how to touch type.”

John Carlsen
Top Ten Reviews

“Typesy is by far the best typing tutor software on the market today…guarantees to be a helpful aid to your typing skills.”

Software Review Boffin
Head Reviewer
Typing Category

“With Typesy the whole family can enjoy the benefits of amazing typing skills together. It’s Cloud and Social.”

Head Reviewer
Typing Category

“One of the best typing software on the market as it comes with the largest video database. Every lesson is clearly explained.”

Mark Herre
Typing Lounge

“Uses video lessons, online demonstrations, interactive lesson suggestions, and fun games to teach basic and advanced touch typing skills —and it works for all ages.”

Ann Simpson
Regional Advertising Manager

“Teaches students basic typing skills as well as advanced typing skills through a unique blend of instructional videos, scientifically-designed lessons, and entertaining games.”

Scott Patterson
Assistant Editor
Education Technology

“The more I explored and tried Typesy, the more I enjoyed it and got value from it. My favorite part of Typesy comes near the end, the typing games.”

Troy Simpson

“Speeds up the students’ overall educational progress as it helps them increase their typing speed…an easy-to-use interface that makes this program an outstanding tool.”

Michael Karlin
Ed Tech Roundup

“Typesy is an interactive application that enables you to improve your typing speed and accuracy using a plethora of fun activities, games and courses.”

Alexandra Sava

“Our students have found Typesy very easy to use and our teachers have seen big improvements in the student’s typing skills in a short amount of time.”

David Hurley
School Teacher
Eureka Secondary School

“Typesy’s cloud based design provides great flexibility for classroom organization…very simple to implement and has not burdened our network resources.”

Mark Nowak
Technical Director
Bethany Christian School

“After I unwrapped Typesy, I instantly saw the superior quality. There is just no comparison to other programs I have used over the years.”

Tina Roberton
Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool

“Typesy gives students a more challenging typing experience than what we were previously using. There is lots of practice that helps to cement the key locations into the mind.”

Jason Strack
Computer Teacher
Spencerville Adventist Academy

“After using the trial, and consulting with the eReflect staff it was an easy decision that I do not regret. Pupils aged 12 – 16 are making fantastic and measurable progress.”

Shaun Johnston
Technology Teacher
Manningtree High School

“I’m delighted to say that the program is excellent and the students enjoy using it. We are impressed with eReflect’s response to our queries and needs.”

Rosanna Sofoulis
Business & IT Teacher
Cyril Jackson Senior Campus

“I had used the free version of your product previously and decided it would be a good fit for our needs.”

Eric Hevland
Assistant Principal
East Valley Central

“The purchase of your software has been to provide additional services for those disadvantaged clients. We had hoped to teach essential touch typing skills for their goal of finding employment.”

Michael Batira
Staff Specialist
Dutchess Boces

“The ease of use on any device and the ability to practice at home. The interface for making users and managing users is easy along with the reports and real time access you have to the students.”

Charlene Wasson
Technology Coordinator
Whitewater School District

“We bought it based on the variety of interactive material.”

Bobbie Hyndman
Director of Technology
Ascension Academy

“This is the first year we will be using your product. It doesn’t have ads and distracting graphics like the ones on the freeware site. I like the clean and straightforward layout of your product.”

Sarah Lesko
Technology Coordinator
James River Day School

“The students find the site and program very easy to navigate. The videos are informative and they help to scaffold the activities in a way that my students can understand.”

Marcus Berryman
Physical Education Teacher
The Woden School

“Its a very good program to use especially for individuals and those comfortable with computers.”

Beth Entz
Systems Support Specialist
Lethbridge Public Library

“I began researching online for something that was widely used and tested, and that also had a great support team. I found your software and after establishing contact, I was provided with a demo version and offered a reasonable price.”

John L’Hirondelle
Support Technician
Grande Prairie Regional College

“Our 2nd-5th graders have been using Typesy with great success. Students love the activities and are motivated to improve their keyboarding performance. The tech team at Typesy has been very responsive to any/all concerns.”

Patrick Golub
STEM/TECH Instructor
Millington Elementary

“I’ve had the pleasure of trying out Typesy, One word: Wow. I’ve tried several commercial typing programs over the years, but none offers the ease, efficiency, and fun that Typesy does.”

Secular Homeschool
Head Reviewer
Typing Category

“Typesy offers you an attractive and clean application with video tutorials and statistics charts to help you go through the different learning levels in probably the most efficient, flexible, and comfortable way possible.”

Francisco Martinez
Senior Editor

“The Typesy program is easy for my students to use. The support team is responsive and efficient.”

Nancy Pollak
PC Keyboarding

“We used Typesy for the first time this year. The students enjoyed the program and liked being able to access it from any device. As the instructor, I like the videos and the visual assistance of the keyboard strokes below the practice pages.”

Karre Sloan
Oak Hill School

“Typesy is a great program and our students enjoy using it. From the IT standpoint, it was a breeze to set up. Once they had our information we were up and going before the end of the day. This is a program we will be using for a long time!”

Julie Johnson
Technology Director
Cave City School District

“Things are going great! The students love the trainer and are making great progress every day.”

Gayle Morris
Klondike Independent School District

“Typesy works as a great “Do Now” for every class period. Students have no confusion about what to do when they come in to class, which allows us to have a productive session.”

Matthew Duncan
School Activities Coordinator/Teacher
Synergy Quantum Academy

“The students are loving the freedom that Typesy offers! They understand the concepts and work toward their goals like little adults. They look forward to typing class and enjoy the variety of ways to master their skill at the keyboard.”

Naomi Josephson
Bastrop Independent Christian Co-op

“Typesy is a wonderful program. The students have taken to it very well especially with the variety of different activities that they can go to. Works great!”

Keith Burkett
Technology Director
Saint Margaret School

“I am pleased with the program. It has been a great teaching tool in my classroom and has caused students to become more aware of the functions of the keyboard.”

Adrian Rice
Computer Teacher
Mobile County Public Schools

“Typesy has been a great addition in our classroom. The program enables teachers to individualize instruction and each student is able to progress at their own pace. The progress monitoring are reinforcing students and provide valuable data for staff.”

Cheryl Kimberly
The Glenholme School

“Typesy has served our class well and the students have enjoyed practicing word processing. Their skills have improved as a result of Typesy Program.”

Micah Lewis
Montessori de Terra Linda

“Typesy is an impressive classroom program. The program’s depth and versatility has the ability to reach students at all levels. Typesy is a great tool for any teacher wanting to improve their students’ typing skills.”

Noah Schumacher
Technology Coordinator
NYC Department of Education

“This program has been a great asset to our schools and students. It helps our students prepare for the assessments which are mandatory by our school district.”

Adrian L. Rice
Computer Teacher
Orchard Elementary

“Everything about Typesy has been working great. I have been telling other departments and other companies of your great software platform. I hope to add more licenses in the near future.”

Joshua Nevala
IT Manager
Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization

“We enjoy Typesy’s self-paced learning without the need for further instruction. It has the ability to track, report and provide encouragement for adult learners at a pace that suits them. A fabulous addition to our learning tools!”

Training Team
Victoria State Government
Deparment of Health and Human Services

“Bought almost 300 licenses. We’ve been satisfied with TYPESY and look forward to using it again next year.”

Kathleen Denaro
Chief of Operations and Academics
Rochester Career Mentoring Charter School

“We were able to install “Typesy” on our server with no trouble at all. With out State Education Department moving to all computer based testing “Typesy” has become an invaluable tool for increasing all our students keyboarding skills.”

Jack Hausman
ICT Consultant
St. Joseph University

“Our students have really enjoyed using Typesy. It was incredibly easy to set up and get operational. The technical support response time is phenomenal. I sent them out student names in excel file and they were imported the very same day.”
“We have been using Typsey for our junior high keyboarding classes for several years now. We love it. It is user-friendly and teacher-friendly. It allows students to progress at their own pace – challenging both the new typist and the experienced typist.”

Paula Habrial
Assistant Administrator
North River Christian Academy

“Typesy has been used at our college for nearly 2 years for our Secretarial students. The students do really well in developing their touch typing techniques and speed. The support received from eReflect has been very quick. A great product and a great team.”

Penny Lewis Cert Ed
Assistant Administrator
Principal, Mentor, Careers Adviser

“Typesy is an excellent typing software to improve your speed. It is easy to use and offers great tools for tracking your progress!”

Daniela Sandoval
Training Assistant
Grace Institute

“Very pleased with the product…it’s exactly what we were after.”

James Kilburn
Dongara District High School

“We used Typesy for the first time in the 2015-2016 school year. It is a great program because it provides flexibility for the students to work at their own pace. Students who already had good typing skills were able to increase speed and accuracy.”

Heather Arietta
Helper Middle School

“I like Typesy and my students like the program also. I love the way the program gives the graph of progress and Group Report for each student.”

Steve Clark
Campbell County Public Schools

“We have several students using the program successfully!”

Jason Winningham
Logos Public Charter School

“I love Typesy because my students can come into the lab each week and very easily complete a lesson, and I can just as easily pull reports to track their progress. I also like that my students can use it at home or school. The students love it because they can pick up where they left off last class, it gives tutorials, and they love to play the games. ”

Kim Hunter
Technology Educator
Notre Dame De Lourdes

“The Typesy software is really very good. It helps us in learning typing from beginner level to expert level.”

Shatabdi Mandal