The Best Chair For Typing? Why Your Seat Affects Your Speed

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Two features to look for when choosing a chair for your computer workspace are a good design and adjustability. A well-designed chair will support several key areas including your elbows, legs, back, and buttocks. A padded seat and backrest covered in the right material will offer comfort. A five-footed base will improve stability and ease of movement. And an adjustable back rest that conforms to your spine’s natural curvature will provide better back support.

The seat area should be big enough to accommodate your buttocks and hips without confining them. If it’s too small, it’ll be uncomfortable and won’t provide adequate leg or back support. Lumbar and wedge-shaped cushions can be purchased separately if your chair does not provide adequate support. “Lumbar” refers to the lower part of your back where it curves in from your hips up to your ribs.

The seat of your chair should be adjustable so you can raise it higher or lower as necessary. Your chair is at the proper height when you can place both feet flat on the floor. If you can’t, consider getting a footrest for added support. In the ideal typing position, your knees are a bit higher than your hips. This position helps you avoid curving your lower back unnaturally.

An armrest, if your chair has one and if you choose to use one, should also be adjustable so it can provide adequate elbow support. An armrest also helps prevent awkward postures that can cause back pain. Remember, when seated, your shoulders should be relaxed and your elbows should be close to the body.

Note: If you experience musculoskeletal pain and discomfort now, or while completing the Typesy Course, you may need to seek professional help. Only someone with the proper training can accurately diagnosis the source of your pain or discomfort and recommend a treatment plan that may or may not include ergonomics.

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