10th Is Lindsey Clair’s Go-To Guide For Educational Resources

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As more families turn to homeschooling, the availability of books, materials, guides, and resources expands as well. It’s useful to have someone to turn to for advice on the things they use and the tools they recommend, and that’s what Lindsey Clair provides at her homeschooling website.

Typesy: You’re homeschooling three daughters at different age levels. How do you provide for their different learning needs at the same time?

LC: This was a definite challenge in the beginning. It was a matter of figuring out each child’s learning style and shaping it around them individually if possible. I like using the multi-age approach with Reading, Science, and History. For my older daughter I expand on her strengths in the subject. I also utilize the library a lot for age purposes. Online learning is another way to provide for their learning needs. Right now we utilize IXL Math.

Because my youngest is in preschool and needs way more than I can give her (hands on and socialization) I enrolled her in Pre-K 2 mornings a week. At that time I get to homeschool my older two daughters right there on site (church building) and really focus on academics without interruptions. Definitely a win-win situation for all 3 girls.

Typesy: What are some books you might recommend for parents who are considering switching to homeschooling, or planning for their first child’s education?

LC: There are three great books out there for parents considering homeschooling:

Overcome your Fear of Homeschooling Insider Information by by Cook, Sandra, Honeycutt, Sharon and LK, Sophie
The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child: Your Complete Guide to Getting Off to the Right Start by Dobson, Linda
So You’re Thinking About Homeschooling: Second Edition: Fifteen Families Show How You Can Do It (Focus on the… by Whelchel, Lisa

There are of course a variety of resources out there for parents, but these are ones that have been helpful to me and other homeschooling families.

Typesy: Do you have any suggestions for incorporating holidays into learning opportunities?

LC: When it comes to the holidays, I love doing unit studies and lapbooks. For example, Thanksgiving and Christmas are our favorites so we always utilize updated unit studies on the holiday and it’s meanings with recipes, printables, and much more. Many education sites will offer printables and PDF’s with language arts, science, math, and reading opportunities all the while celebrating the current holiday. We have a blast with them.

Typesy: Many kids are growing up these days using computers from an early age. Do you use computers and keyboards for homeschooling?

LC: We do use computers and laptops for some of their homeschooling like math. Because technology is a sign of the times, it’s important for children to learn and keep up with what is available to them. I like to keep a nice balance with computer learning and traditional physical books, etc.

Typesy: What’s your favorite method for teaching vocabulary and spelling?

LC: We like to do learning games that help with vocab words and spelling. From learning apps to traditional jump up and spell or give definition, my girls seem to like spelling a whole lot better instead of traditional writing it over and over again.

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