Top 3 Essential Typing Program Features for Schools

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Typing education in schools is commonplace today, after a decade of growing interest. Computer teachers employ a variety of methods to make sure that lessons will enrich and intrigue even the youngest of pupils. This is sometimes difficult as, with their fleeting attention span, interest comes and goes quickly with students. Keyboarding might be fun one day and boring the next.

Luckily, there are loads of options that will help avert this. Touch typing programs like Typesy offer an assortment of features that help teachers educate and students learn. Here are three features in Typesy that can be useful in the school setting.

Online Typing Courses

Typesy has a comprehensive selection of touch typing courses students of all ages can take. Beginners can start with the Classic course and its basic lessons on the parts of the keyboard. From there, they can gradually move on to building speed and accuracy, attempting dictation typing, and even achieving mastery through bonus lessons.

Curricula that require students to have a more in-depth keyboard relationship can opt for the Interactive course. It pays particular attention to each row of the keyboard as well as the shift, punctuation, number, and symbol keys.

Typing Improvement Progress Charts

As education is primarily based on practice, students and teachers greatly benefit from tracking improvement when it comes to touch typing. Typesy’s software ensures that checking your statistics is easy. Progress maps are updated to cater to your touch typing needs, as there are maps that track typing competency, typing speed, and typing accuracy. The Keyboard Knowledge Heat Map informs you of the areas of low or high knowledge on your keyboard with the aid of color. In addition, the software also keeps tabs on your training time and what subjects and courses are in need of greater focus.

Engaging and Educational Typing Games

Typing hours don’t have to be boring. Typesy offers its users an amazing collection of fun and informative games and challenges. Touch typing is fun when you can learn through your favorite games, like Pacman and Flappy Bird. Build accuracy with games that involve falling, rising, and sinking letters or words. Boost your speed with Speech Builder and two versions of the Letter Train. There are also games that help you enhance other keyboard skills, such as your typing memory and reaction. Finally, if you’re up to it, you can test yourself with Typesy’s standard activities.

A great touch typing program can truly make or break the productivity of a typing class. When selecting among typing program features, it helps to consider various factors, like the following:

1) Does the program meet educational standards?

2) Is the program appropriate for my students?

3) Does the program provide valuable features?

Hopefully, you will be able to enrich your students love for learning and typing using these tips and selections.

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