Typesy 2019.5.1 Update for Teachers

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Typesy is starting the summer with some sizzle with an exciting set of updates specially made for teachers!


Default Grading Templates

Admins will have a swifter time scoring students with ready-made grading templates for tests and assignments.

Separate First and Last Name

Sorting students is easier when you can separate their first and last names into manageable columns.

Print Function for User Screen Reports

You now have the option to print students’ screen reports. Access it through the Student Dashboard tab where you will find two options in the charts section: Print and Save as PDF.

Error Count Column for Test Results

An addition to the Test Results dialogue is a new column called “Error Count.” It gives you the option to view the number of mistakes committed by a student on a test.

Minor Game Screen Layout Updates

There are a few minor updates to the Game screen layout. Users will find that the “Next Recommended” and “Help” buttons are now located at the top left of the screen. The Game screen has also been updated to fill up most of the screen space. Finally, the Auto Switch button has been removed, leaving only the Previous and Next buttons next to the Current Exercise label.

Class Hall of Fame Options

There is now a setting on the admin interface that controls what is displayed for students on the Hall of Fame section. To check it out, simply switch to the Class Settings view and test three options on the Hall of Fame: Global, Class, and Off. The Global setting will allow students to compare their achievements with those of Typesy users worldwide. The Class setting shows only the achievements of the students in your class. Selecting “Off” will disable the Hall of Fame section entirely.

Additional Teacher Information

Online Renewal and Subscription Screen

Typesy has made it easier for schools to extend or renew their subscriptions with this new feature. There is also the option to pay for an extended free trial. To access this, click on the Admin tab in the top center of your home screen. Once you are redirected to the EDU version of your account, select the Account tab on the left side of your screen. You will immediately be shown to your Subscription. There, you can find buttons for “Add Users” and “Extend Subscription.”

Key Recording and Replay

Admins are now able to view students’ test performance and course performance in the test results and Student Progress screens. 

If you wish to view test replay, click on the Admin tab of your screen and then the Tests and Classes tab of the EDU version of your account. After selecting a class, go to Tests and Assignments and choose which test to view. You are given the option to replay the test at the right side of the dialogue box. 

To view course step replay, go to Classes on your Typesy EDU version and select a class. Choose a student from the student roster and click on their Progress. You can now see their overall proficiency in the course and a breakdown of their performance for each activity.

We hope these brand new features make it easier for your students to learn and for you to educate. Stay tuned for more updates in the upcoming versions of the Typesy software!