Touch Typing: A Skill That All STEM Students Should Have

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Typing has long been a skill that has been taught in schools. But it’s a skill that is an absolute need for students who are in STEM classes. STEM (Science, Technology, Education, and Math) students and those who go into STEM fields will mostly rely on technology and computers. And that means the skill of typing will be needed in order to navigate computers and even type of all kinds of documents. Knowing how to navigate a keyboard is tricky. Especially when you need to do it at fast paces where the room for error will probably be scarce. But rest assured, once a student hones in their skills on touch typing, it will better prepare them for what lies ahead in all STEM-related activities. 

In fact, touch typing should be required prior to taking any kind of STEM classes. Without knowing how to use a keyboard or computer, then the student will struggle mightily. And at the same time, they won’t be able to familiarize themselves with software that will be used for certain classes. There are many opportunities for students who study STEM for the intent of making it a career. And a lot of employers are looking for those who are handy and know their way around a computer. Most of the time, it doesn’t necessarily mean having the ability to hack into a complex security system (although that shouldn’t be a good idea to begin with, let alone hacking into anything at all). 

Poor typing and computer skills will also be a detriment to a student’s overall productivity. On top of that, they will also face the inability of utilizing modern-day technological devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and so on. In a world where most of the population relies on technology, the last thing a student wants is to fall way behind the curve while the rest of the world types away. Whether it would be a text or a simple email, that student would feel lost. 

So it’s important for students to start early on learning how to touch type. Rather than make it complex and challenging, teachers should find creative ways to make it fun for students to learn how to type. They can participate in games or challenges that will not only help them improve their skills but also reward them for their efforts. 

It’s better to find a fun and personalized way to prepare them for not just STEM classes and jobs, but also the real world as well. Typing is a skill that should not be scoffed at by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it will take a student much farther than they’ll realize in terms of their education. 

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