Turn Your iPad Into a Real Typewriter!

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Touch-screen keyboards can be difficult to use sometimes, because the key spaces are closer together and smaller than on a standard keyboard, and even if you’re a fast touch typist you might find that this slows you down. But with this iPad docking station, you’ll get the benefits of modern technology and a great retro look and feel. Use the vintage manual typewriter keys to type as you would on any keyboard, and the specially-designed arm will softly strike the iPad’s smaller keyboard in the right places. You won’t wear out your eyes or your thumbs trying to use those small virtual keys, when you can benefit from technology that’s been tried and tested for decades!

Wait a minute ….

It was just an April Fool’s joke played on the internet community (some of whom believed it) by British company SpinningHat back in 2011. There are many forms of plug-in and virtual keyboards on the market that can make typing easier if you’re having a problem using your touchscreen interface, but a fake manual typewriter setup isn’t something that would likely save you time, and there’s no way one single striking arm could keep up with even average typing speed. In future posts we’ll look at some of these keyboard alternatives – and we won’t be fooling around, really! – but if you want to experience the look and sound of a 1930s-era manual typewriter, you can go to the DigitalFuture site and play with their virtual machine. The only thing missing is the paper!

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