Typesy Feature Update: Add Text Within Exercise

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Many people are unaware that Typesy is a great learning software to help people learn how to type the proper way. If you are an existing Typesy user, you may not be aware of all the updates that have occurred. One is the add text option during an exercise. This update will help both students and teachers.

What Changed With the Update?

Before the update, you would not be able to add text when you were inside the Select Exercise option. You can now add text easily within this option. Plus, as an admin, you can add text and select new texts much easier when you are creating a test and/or assignment.

How to Use the New Feature Update

In order for you to use this update, you must log in to your Typesy account. When you are within an exercise you should see a button that says +New. This is the button you will use to add texts. When you click this and type your words, they should be displayed almost instantly and automatically. It should show up and be selected as well.

As a teacher, you can create assignments and tests much easier with this new update. Selecting texts and changing them has been made much easier with this update. Plus, students can also select or add texts easier as well.

Why Use Typesy?

This program is going to help you understand how to properly type so that you are not pecking at the keys. The internet is changing and the computer is becoming part of the work environment. Did you know that some workplaces will not accept people if they are slow at typing? It is true. That is why you should use Typesy. It will help you learn how to type fast and correctly.

Typesy is a way for you to learn how to type and be more efficient. It will save you time and earn you money if you know how to type. Plus, you will be up-to-date with the changing times.

Not to mention, Typesy is one of the only modernized typing programs that will combine the fun of video games and typing exercises so that it is easy to learn without having to drag on the content. Learning is always more fun when it is interactive and when there are step-by-step guides to help you get the task done.

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