Typesy Feature Update: Design Changes

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Typesy continues to strive to improve an interactive learning platform that encourages adaptive learning for students. The tweaks made to the design of several aspects of the site improve these areas. This will make the site even more conducive to learning on an individual level.

One of the biggest changes made was the ability for students to see their present status on the site, incentivizing them to try harder to improve. Several designs have been added to the game aspects that allow students to unlock features based on accomplishments. The site continues to make more engaging designs for the rewards for overall achievement. 

Students can unlock a customizable avatar, for example, based on their level of achievement on the site. there have also been several tweaks made to assist teachers and administrators on the site. the setting menus have been updated to improve ease of use.

Teachers will now find it easier to administer assignments and tests on the EDU mode. Also, the hall of fame option has been added to show the top achievers in your class. This will further motivate students to accumulate high scores on assignments.

The hall of fame feature also allows teachers to display global stats instead of just their individual classrooms. This is a unique function that can show a student where their typing skills stack up against the rest of the world. This and other features have greatly improved engagement on the site.

Typesy’s introduction of other design changes has also greatly improved the draw and motivation to learn on the site. the site has much more of a focus on interactive games that have new and improved functions and characters that will help children learn. A lot of these features are also fun and interactive for adults who are using the site.

Another major design improvement for a more adaptive learning experience is the introduction of dyslexia-friendly fonts. These fonts are easier to read for individuals that may have learning disabilities or a hard time recognizing traditional font types. This is a feature that will greatly improve the universality of use on the site.

All of the design changes have shown to greatly improve engage ability as well as adaptive learning on an individual level. The site has also been updated to become much more user-friendly for administrators and teachers. design improvements are important for all of the site’s users and have greatly improved the quality of the experience that Typesy offers.

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