Typesy in Focus: Real-Time Changes

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The real-time changes made to Typesy have been shown to greatly improve the overall experience for students and administrators on the site. the ability to see your results in real-time as students is a great motivator. The ability of instructors to make real-time changes has also shown to help the entire class.

Motivation and efficiency seem to be the two most important results of the real-time changes updates on the site. the motivation factor has mainly displayed by students being able to see their status on the site in real-time. This allows them to track their progress and try to improve.

There are many incentives in the assignment and games on the site that encourage students to improve their status. One of the key changes is the ability for students to customize their personal avatar based on their status. This is a driving factor in increased engagement on the site.

Being able to see where they stand in real-time is a great incentive for students to improve. This also helps teachers see which students need more instruction. Both the teacher and the student having this information is extremely helpful.

There is a great value in a student knowing where they stand on their own as opposed to the teacher simply revealing their standing to them. this also frees up the teacher to skip the revelation of progress and what that entails and go straight into assisting the particular student with improving their skills. The real-time changes have done a lot to streamline the learning and teaching experience.

The admin settings are also an important improvement for the site as the teacher or administrator can update what the students see in real-time. This is useful for the administrator to keep the whole class on the same page. Also, the ability to post different assignments and tests greatly improves the teacher’s productivity level.

The improved interactivity of Typesy has greatly increased the potential for overall growth in the typing education process. Real-time functions are a key part of being able to improve the efficiency of learning and lesson plans. The importance of computers in education has become a key focus point over the last decade.

This means that interactive online learning is a great way for teachers and students to stay ahead of the curve. With the induction of computers into testing and almost every subject in school, the importance of this progress cannot be overstated.  

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