Typesy In-Focus: Tests and Assignments

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As an educator, part of the job is time management. You’ll have to maximize the (limited) time you have for introducing all the topics and activities in your lesson plan. There are many possible classroom interruptions, so you’ll find yourself delaying or forgoing tests and assignments numerous times in the school year. This lost time is also a wasted opportunity in expanding the knowledge of your students.

Typesy aids educators in solving this dilemma with its EDU and Homeschool Editions. They are specially made for Touch Typing education outside of the school setting, making lessons more practicable and convenient. You can easily add students to your class and monitor their individual progress with development reports.

Typesy also allows you to create and customize tests and assignments for your class. To access this, simply click on the Admin tab at the center of your home screen. You will be redirected to the EDU or Homeschool edition of your Typesy account. Go to “Classes” and then “Tests and Assignments”, where you can see a green button labeled “Create New.” Choose between the two from the drop-down menu.

You have a lineup of options to pick from to make your work specific. After naming your assignment, you will be first asked to select an exercise, which include typing and keyboard row tests. They are often in the form of excerpts from literary classics. You will be then asked to select an activity from their standard and accuracy building games. You can also schedule the dates when your assignment will be will active and inactive. Additional features include the number of redo’s students are allowed, to force immediate completion, and to set a time limit. Creating a new test comprises of the same features, except that you cannot select an activity and set a time limit.

Tests and assignments don’t have to be difficult for teachers too. With Typesy, both are easy for you and your students. No more need to fuss over dates and dues because with Typesy’s EDU and Homeschool Editions, you’ll always be right on time.

Let your kids enjoy touch typing with Typesy!