Typesy rated 5-stars by the Educational App Store

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We’re thrilled to share that the Educational App Store, the leading independent certification body for educational apps, has certified Typesy and rated us 5-stars. Typesy has been included in this exciting list of Best Typing apps.

The Educational App Store uses experienced and practicing teachers to carry out app certifications and reviews. They score individual apps against their unique rubrics’ learning criteria, and only the very best apps receive their prestigious 5-star rating. Their reviews cover every aspect of the app – from effectiveness to user experience.

Expert teacher review highlights that Typesy is described as “an extremely well-presented app with a powerful learning system that empowers the user to learn to type at their own pace”. The reviewer praises our typing courses for being “well structured” and “engaging” with advanced tracking stats and adaptive learning techniques.

In terms of specific features, the reviewer writes that the ability to create your own lessons and share lessons with friends and family. They also highlight our video tutorials, as one of our stand-out features that make Typesy “an effective tool for all typing goals.”

Click here to read the full Typesy review.

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