Typesy is Now on Nearpod

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Although individuals can make tremendous progress working on their own, we work faster and better in collaboration with others. Here at Typesy, we are delighted to be able to work with talented brands and software to offer you the best, most advanced experience possible.

This month, Typesy is proud to announce its integration with Nearpod. Nearpod is a web-based app that allows students and teachers to effectively engage with one another. Teachers can create creative classroom presentations that students can access through codes. Its main goal is to promote more innovative presentation approaches, whether those in control are teachers or students.

Typesy’s collaboration with Nearpod is specially made for our teacher users. The Nearpod integration allows them to use any of the course steps without tracking. This means that they have the option to access the program and take a quick peek at its look.

The Nearpod integration has made considerable changes to several elements of Typesy’s content, particularly to student activities. It has been incorporated on to several of the courses, starting with the Lesson Introduction. Other changed elements include the Typing Activity, video lessons, and the Dictation Activity. A prominent upgrade is to the games, like Falling Words, Speed Builder, and the Letter Train. The content and quality of our activities will remain the same in spite of these significant changes, so there is no need to worry. 

Typesy wishes to make our typing lessons fun even for our teachers. Working with Nearpod is a great way for two educator-friendly brands to produce software that will make teaching touch typing as easy as possible. We hope that you will like the latest upgrade, and look forward to the next exciting collaboration.

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